Hezbollah official’s deat

Mohammad Fawaz, a senior Hezbollah official who was killed in Beirut’s clashes last month, had been questioned, prior to his death, by the International Tribunal investigating the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafiq el Hariri, sources have confirmed.

There is speculation that the murder of the official, who was responsible for Hezbollah’s Burj Abi Haidar sector, was linked to International Criminal Court’s investigation.

Hezbollah have said that the investigation actually included several other officials besides Fawaz, and that the investigation was of no consequence to his death.

The clash had broken out between supporters of Hezbollah and Al Ahbash, a Sunni group close to the Syrian government, and that has been allies with Hezbollah. Both groups had released a statement saying the clash had “no political or sectarian background,” “stressing that this was an individual unfortunate accident.”

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