Arab youth music: Resistance through rap

British-Palestinian hip hopper Shadia Mansour, who is known as “the first
lady of Arabic hip hop,” and whose highly political lyrics are her “anger coming out,” and her way of “non-violent resistance,” is currently on tour in Palestine both to perform and to work with local young rappers.

Mansour’s messages usually deal with the Palestinian cause, and Middle East conflicts, and she raps in Arabic, despite English being her first language. Other artists such as Swedish musician/singer Hanouneh have also made sure their music contains deep messages. Although 50% of Hanouneh’s lyrics relate to Palestine or the Middle East, the last time she gave a concert in Beirut, her music of choice was reggae, centered on the empowerment of women.

Other underground artists such as Ramcess (Al Hamorabi), Fareeq al Atrash, Rayess Bek, (Lebanese) Lowkey (British-Iraqi), DAM (Palestine), The Narcicyst (Candian-Iraqi), Omar Offendum (Syrian-American), among many others also have strong, intellectual and revolutionary messages that seek to make positive changes in their societies on different levels

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